January 29, 2016

Quilted tote bag


I made this bag for my friend and was very happy with how it turned out. It was also super simple! It took me probably 2 hours or so to get it done.

I used the tutorial from Make it and love it. Instead of using a heavy fabric, I used the double sided quilted fabric (I got mine from Joann) and for the lining I used regular cotton fabric. Also I added a magnetic snap on button so that the bug could be shut close. I prefer to be able to close my bags – that way I know things won’t just fall off. You can leave that off.

Fabric required:

  1. For the outer fabric: 27”
  2. For the lining: 19”
  3. One package double fold binding (for the handles)
  4. One magnetic snap on button

As far as cutting and sewing is concerned I followed the tutorial exactly. With few exceptions:

  1. Since my fabric was a quilted fabric, I only cut two strips for the handle (unlike 4 in the tutorial. Then attached the binding to it.
  2. I needed to attach the snap on button. So once I’d sewn the lining pieces together, I kept them right sides together making sure all they were aligned. Then marked a point on the two lining pieces – 2-3 inches from the top and at the center of the width of the bag. Then added my button at this point. Continue with the tutorial after that and ta-da! Your bag is ready!