January 24, 2011

Goals for 2011

Last year I started the tradition of having some crafty goals for myself. You can have a look at them here. Little did I know that setting goals would make so much of a difference! I’m so happy to say that I think I exceeded my expectations! Smile 

  1. I did three craft fairs! It was nowhere on my goals but I guess crafting on a regular basis propelled me to do something bigger and hence the craft fairs! So I’m not going to count whether I did 2 cards per week or not because the total number of items I made for the craft fairs far exceeds the goals I’d set. In love
  2. I made a cushion cover without any pattern! I know it was simple but to have that amount of confidence in sewing was an achievement in itself. Then with my mom’s help (or the other way round Winking smile) we made a skirt, a dress and a night dress for myself.
  3. Sometime early last year I decided not to pursue my goal of publishing because I wasn’t much into card magazines then. I'm bending a little towards them now but still not completely. So I’ll keep this on hold till I become a regular reader of some card/craft magazine.
  4. I’ve been uploading my cards regularly to SCS and my gallery there grew from 5 to 8 pages. Thanks to that habit 5 of my cards were selected as CAS favorites!! It really makes my day when I come to know that one of my cards has been selected as a CAS favorite!

Ok too much gloating Smile now let’s move on to the goals for this year. I don’t know how I’m going to top those of last year Smile

  1. Make 2 projects/week. I’ll retain this goal as I think by doing this I fire my creativity. Maybe I’ll start something similar to Create Your Own Fridays or re-start that.
  2. Sewing projects: Instead of setting a frequency I think I’ll list what all I want to make this year.
    • Shopper
    • Quilt
    • Cushion Covers – 4
    • Dress/Skirt
    • Zipper pouches – 4
  3. Upload all projects to SCS.
  4. Maintain Etsy shop – keep around 15 items in it at all times.
  5. Participate in 2 challenges per month.

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