October 25, 2007

Card #3

This is another card based on one of Di's sketches. Being a beginner, I prefer to follow a given sketch. Sorry this photo is a little blurred.

October 22, 2007

Card #2

Another card from one of Di's sketch. Why have I been picking sketches from Di's? It's one of the few sites I know that posts sketches and it also posts what others created using that template. So that helps a lot in visualization. One can find a lot of sketches on Maria's blogs: Card Inspired and Stampin' Inspirations. Allison at Stampin' When I can regularly posts links to various sketches at other blogs.

I later had an idea that I could've given a border of blue cardstock to the yellow circles. The good thing is that I have the patterned paper and the card stock both from DCWV so I think they coordinate well.

October 15, 2007


I've compiled a list of things that I intend to buy in the next few months. If you have any suggestions regarding what brand to buy, which store/site to look at or anything else with respect to these things please leave a comment. When I embarked on this hobby, I guess I didn't do much research before buying my supplies so for the next set of supplies I decided to prioritize them and ensure that I get the right thing.

I've updated the post with the suggestions by various experienced people, these are in italics.
  1. Black ink pad: I have a mini one right now but I think I would need a bigger one with permanent ink. Eg. Stazon, Pallette Noir Black
  2. Gamsol Odorless Mineral Spirit. Eg. Monalisa OMS available at Michaels
  3. Blending stumps. Must be made in taiwan.
  4. Some generic figure stamps: I saw this "Just for fun" stamp set by Stampin Up! and looks like that might fit my requirements.
  5. Circle cutter: I'm not sure what's the pros and con of a circle cutter w.r.t a circle punch. I'm thinking it would be better to buy a cutter as a single instrument can give me circles of multiple sizes. Eg. Coluzzle Cutting system available at SU and Michaels.
  6. Color ink pad. SU! Classic Inks
  7. Scallop and other shape scissors.
  8. Stamps for borders
  9. Mounting tape
  10. Paper trimmer. TONIC paper trimmer, paper cutter
  11. Stamps for expressions like "Happy B'day" etc. Or maybe I should get some alphabet stencils. That could serve the same purpose.

October 14, 2007

B'day card

I finally exchanged my unbranded cardstock for a DCWV fall cardstock and hence the gap in posting. Using Di Hickman's sketch, I created this card.

It didn't come out to be what I had expected it to be but I think I'll get there with some practice. I'm still learning the skills of layering card stock, that's totally new to me. As a child, when I used to make cards, I used only 3 things: card paper, fine black pen for outlining and sketch pens.
The idea of using punch-outs for creating the bouquet was derived from one of Stamper Gail's card. Of course, it didn't turn out as good as it's motivator. I'm happy about the knot, it looks good for a first attempt.

October 7, 2007

First cut

Here's a peek into my first few creations. The first set of cards has been made using a card making kit that I bought at Michael's. It's nice but I realized it's a bit childish. So then I decided to make some on my own using the few supplies that I'd.

My stamp collection consists primarily of the 3 stamps that are displayed by the 3 cards above; I got them from the $1 bins at Michael's. I also bought a mini-flower punch and a scissors that gives a nice border cut.

October 5, 2007

Hilarious video...

From Inkerbelle's blog: video

Okay, from the last two posts it appears that this blog is meant for jokes and comic videos related to card-making/stamping. It's not! I'll soon post my creations.

October 4, 2007

Nice joke

Found it at Inkerbelle's through Stamping when I can.

A woman who was near death insisted she be buried with her stamps.

As she passed away, she saw a white light and followed it until she found herself in a mystical place, surrounded by men and women who wandered about admiring all kinds of paper-beautiful paper on shelves stretching as far as the eye could see-and all the rubber stamps one could imagine.

Overjoyed, the woman turned to a lady who was running her hands with pleasure over a rich and costly paper and said: "This is a wonderful place! Is it Heaven?"

The lady replied, "No this is HELL. There aren't any ink pads.”

Author –Unknown

Stamping for beginners

I read this article "Stamping on a budget" by Gina K on Craft Critique. I think it's very helpful for all those beginners like me in this area. Initially I didn't realize that this could turn out to be a very expensive hobby and has a never-ending list of to-get-items. However, it was consoling to see that Gina could create such creative cards with limited number of items. I wanted to get the Text Prints stack but unfortunately it was not available at my craft store so I got the "Stack 5" by DCWV; it was on 50% sale so I got it for $9.99!! I think that's quite a bargain considering it's 12X12 stack with 180 sheets. At my pace, it'll probably last a lifetime! I got some assorted card stock also but turned out that they were very thin. I didn't like them. So my piece of advice: beware when you buy the card stock, I think it's better buy from the standard brands like DCWV.

One of the best places to get your supplies is Ebay. You can get used/new stamps at ebay for a very reasonable price and same for card stock or patterned paper. If you can combine shipping for all the stuff that you want to buy then you save on shipping too.