January 11, 2009

A wall decor – Reduce, reuse and recycle


Have you had a moment where you were totally awed by what you made? For me such moments are rare and today I had one such moment :). I’d some idea before I jumped into making this wall decor but when I looked at the final result, I said to myself “WOW!” :-D.

Inspiration struck me when I looked at all the old “laddu gopal” (it’s the name given to Krishna’s idol  when he was a baby/toddler”) dresses. Every year when we celebrate the birth of Lord Krishna, we change the clothes of our deity. All these years I’d been collecting the old dresses because they were so beautiful! I always thought that I could use them to make something and finally I did :). So what does a laddu gopal dress look like – here’s a photo:

DCF 1.0

[Photo courtesy: The Krishna.com store]

I removed the top portion from the dress so that I’d a circle with a hole; dressed up the hole, pasted it onto round coasters for a good backing and that’s it!! So here’s my latest on “Reduce, reuse and recycle”.


Tina said...

Wow, what a great way to recycle. Gorgeous!

Renu said...

good one:)

malieta said...

Your wall decor is stunning and thanks for the inspirations!
p.s. I have an award for you:)

Gracie said...

Love it! A very unique way to recycle.

Please stop by my page for a special gift!

Annapurna said...

I learn a lot more about Indian culture from you and my friend Bhanu who is originally from Tamilnadu. The wall hanging is cute. I thought they were rakhis tied together in the beginning :-)

Anonymous said...

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