February 28, 2011

The much awaited…

…shopper is here!


Yes this is the reason I haven’t been able to much any cards for the past month! Do you see all those quilting lines – yes I did all of them and no I’m not going to ever do them again! I didn’t know I would be doing all the quilting in this project. I did read all the instructions and I know it said you need to quilt blah! blah! blah! but little did I realize  how tedious a task it is! It also made me realize that one should always experience every job to be able to truly appreciate all the work that goes into any job! My respect for quilters has gone up 10x. Not that I didn’t respect them earlier but I never realized what all skills were required for that job. Now I do. First and foremost you need tons and tons of patience to do those quilting lines. I’d to first draw all those lines by hand and then sew over them. On top of it I’d to deal with all those pieces of fabric that just weren’t ready to align with the others. The pattern recommended using fleece as the padding which made the layers very thick and my sewing machine was not very good at handling that thickness (that’s what I think and I would like to believe Eye rolling smile).

Anyways all’s well that end’s well! I’ve the bag ready and it can hold things without letting them fall. That is not to say there aren’t flaws but I’m fine as long as it serves its purpose! The quilting took me around 1-2 week (given that I’ve full time job) and approximately the same amount of time to piece it all together.

This was a totally novel experience for me. Next time I want to try making this bag with pre-quilted fabric – but that next time is not going to come for a very very long time because my to-do list keeps increasing every day Smile

The blue fabric used above is something that I’d left over. So I bought some coordinating fabric to go with it. And with that we tick off one sewing project from my goals! Party smileYoo hoo!

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Tejal said...

whoa! That is like a huge project..I can't sew on cards, forget a big project like. turned out pretty awesome though!!