September 29, 2011

Cute little pouches


I made these pouches for Gauri puja, a festival in which we give some gift to married women. I’m always more excited about how to package the stuff than the stuff itself. In fact I first decide what kind of packaging I’ll make and then buy stuff to fit that Smile

To add a little papercrafting touch, I used Justrite monogram stamps to create the scalloped monogrammed circle and attached it to the zipper. The beauty of it all was that I made these with fabric that I already had and didn’t have to buy anything new except the zippers!

I got the tutorial for the pouch from here. The instructions are very clear and the pouches are quite straightforward.


Priya said...

These are lovely...

Tejal said...

These are so cute!! just right for small gifts!!!
Very pretty!!!

Skip to my lou said...

They turned out very cute. I am so glad you liked the tutorial!

Banu said...

WOW These turned out just awesome. I know what you mean about packaging. That is how I think as well. I first need to have the package ready and then I can find something to go with it. I loved this idea.

Spardha said...

OMG these are soo WOW!.. Now Im inspired to stitch something soon! :D