February 13, 2012

I’m back…with some kitchen towels!

I’ve been on a long vacation. If you don’t want to read the details jump over to the next paragraph! First it was good long complete vacation which consisted of going to India and then a a short mental vacation. I wanted to give myself time and not just start crafting/blogging because I had to; because I didn’t *have* to. I felt in some corner of my heart at that times I did either/both because I felt I must – even though life was busy I would think I must take out time do these. However after my vacation I truly realized that do both because I like to do them. I should enjoy and savor every moment; and not jump from one task to another. So I gave myself a good break and decided I’ll make things as and when I feel like and same for blogging. With blogging many a times it’s not that I don’t feel like blogging, it’s just the thought of taking a picture, importing it…the whole nine yards puts me off! I wish it was a little easier – like I could take a picture from my phone and simply share it! Maybe somebody will make an app like that for me! Anyhoo let me show you what I made before you get tired of my monotone and close the browser window!


These used to be hand towels in their previous life! I was cleaning my linen closet when I realized that they were no longer being used and lately my mom, with her creations, had really inspired me to up-cycle something. When I saw these towels I couldn’t help but grin! There I had my guinea pigs! This transformation is inspired from a kitchen towel that I bought from one of my craft fairs last year. I like that they used snap fasteners so I didn’t have to worry about buttonholes – seriously they really scare me! I read this tutorial on make-it and love-it on how to attach snap fasteners. I’m not great at doing sewing tutorials otherwise I would’ve done one on how to make these. However if you have any questions or would like to know how to them, feel free to shoot me an e-mail!

I’m absolutely loving them! Ah what satisfaction they give me that they cost $0 (ok I did buy the snap fasteners…)!


Chaitali Narla said...

Glad to see you blogging again! Love the kitchen towels!!

For the app upload, try the Google+ app. It has instant upload to a locked picasa album from phone. And since you are on Blogger, you should be able to put the photo from the picasa album into your blog :)

Spardha said...

Welcome back! :D :D

Wow they look super fab! :D