April 5, 2013

My first quilt

I started this quilt back in December and it took me four months to get it done! It’s a very simple quilt with just chain stitching; but it makes me very happy! Quite a long time back I used to eye various quilts that I would see around me and wish that I would make a quilt one day. Then a few days later I would be totally dissuaded considering the gigantic size of the project – literally and figuratively! I don’t know how and when I decided that I was going to make one – I guess the day I bought the fabric Smile. I found a set of fat quarters on sale and decided that they would be perfect for a quilt. I believe it’s the Verona collection from Moda fabrics. Then began the cutting, the piecing and the quilting! Oh how I frustrated I’d been during the quilting, cursing my sewing machine all along; taking breaks along the journey lest I throw my machine out of the windows or go bald pulling all my hair! Then came the sweet day – the day when I added the binding and had in front of me a beautiful piece of quilt! When you’ve been through so much pain, you can totally appreciate the end result.
Initially I started with quilting in the ditch, then thought maybe I could do some diagonals but it turned out to be too much work so I returned back to quilting in the ditch!
Anyways…it’s almost a full sized quilt. There are a lot of things I learned:
  1. ALWAYS make sure that your pieces are straight and to the measure.
  2. A 1/4” seam means 1/4” – no less and no more.
  3. After piecing, if you don’t have a rectangle/square, trim it to one.
  4. After quilting, if you don’t have a rectangle/square, AGAIN trim it to one.

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Teresa Kline said...

wow, this is gorgeous!

enjoy *~*