April 9, 2014

My second quilt


I started this quilt as part of a class that I took at Pacific Fabrics, Bellevue. It was called Pop Art Quilt or something and is made from a jelly roll. I used the Snap Pop fabric from Moda (I think that’s what it’s called). The actual dimensions seemed too small to me so I added 3 borders. The middle border is made from left over scraps. For the innermost and the outermost border I’d to buy some more fabric. Plus some fabric for the backing – I got the 108” wide one so that I didn’t have piece the fabric together. I quilted it too and I must say it was so much easier with my new Pfaff Ambition 1.5. I’m loving that machine! I did not to stitch in the ditch instead stitched along the ditch, at an allowance of 0.25”.

I learnt how to make the sandwich using this video and I would highly recommend it! Its total genius!

I did buy a quarter inch foot since quilting involves so much of quarter inch sewing and it did make my life a whole lot easier! This is the first time I made my own binding and this is the video I referred to. It made me so happy to make my own binding and I must say it came out quite neat!

Can you see the staircase pattern of the colors? The quilt is approx 54” X 60”.

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