May 6, 2016

My first amigurumi – Octopus

octopus,amigurumi,pink,crochet,yarn,googly eyes

Whenever I see somebody knitting I feel very jealous of them. All they need is needles and yarn and they can get started – anywhere. In a flight. On the airport. Just sitting somewhere. On the other hand, my hobbies not only require a lot of things but also a desk. Be it sewing/quilting or card making. Knitting somehow doesn’t interest me. Nor does crochet so much. However when I saw the cute little amigurumi creations on the interwebs, I was enticed! They were too cute to pass up! Thus began my venture into crochet. I pretty soon got a crochet hook and yard. Some amigurumi books from the library. Watched a few videos on Youtube and read some blogs. After practicing on little scraps, I decided to make something so that I would get more practice. I picked an octopus from one of the library books (The Big Book of Little Amigurumi) that I got – it seemed to be the simplest. Single color and no complicated body parts. Bought some polyester filling – seems like the smallest pack will last me a lifetime! The eyes and the mouth were supposed to be made from embroidery floss but I didn’t have much success at that so I chose the google eyes and felt – which I already had. Turns out this octopus is very well loved by kids Smile

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