September 28, 2007

About this blog

I decided to create this blog so that I could share my creations and ideas with others. Off and on I stumble upon some idea which takes shape as a beautiful object (or so I would like to believe!). My interests keep varying, a few months ago I dived into macrame and these days I'm whole and soul into rubber-stamping and card-making. I was inspired and motivated by A Dragonfly Garden to enter this beautiful world of card-making and rubber stamping. Before that even though I'd seen stamps being sold in craft stores, I'd never imagined that they could create such wonderful cards. As and when I my interests change, this blog will take a different turn; an interesting one.

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Stamper Gail said...

Well gee, I'm so glad that my blog inspired you to start a stamping one of your own. Here's wishing you a great time with your new experiences.

Stamper Gail
A Dragonfly Garden