October 27, 2008

I'm back!!

Yes I've been MIA; first a vacation and then a move. We moved to the Pacific north-west!

I'd made a couple of things in this duration but never got a chance to show them off :).


These are the acetate boxes to hold chakli (a south indian savoury, an absolutely delicious snack!) , which is also home-made. I gave these to my family and they all loved it!


This was for my aunt's 25th anniversary. My mom wanted to send something which had "25th anniversary" written on it and since everything in the market seemed to exorbitantly priced I'd the idea to make this. I printed a poem on silver CS and inserted it on the right side of the photo frame. The stickers are glued on top of the glass and not inside.


I was always so afraid whether I would be able to do justice to this peacock image that I would never pick it up until now when my DH said it would be nice to use this image. I'm glad that it turned out well!

I'll soon start my blurfing to see your beautiful creations which I've been devoid of for so long!


Annapurna said...

Aaaaw! Where is my Chakli? I haven't gotten around to going and buying some for Diwali. I probably will mess up if I try to make it.

Love your peacock card. Very beautiful!
Welcome back.

Tejal said...

Been missing you for long..Welcome back..looking forward to your creations!

malieta said...

Welcome back Simriti!
I hope you like your new location...sounds really cool:)
Both of your cards are beautiful! The peacock card is awesome and I love the color combo! I also love the gift box...very cute:)