December 26, 2008

A little bag

This bag is inspired from the Box in a bag @ SCS. I made the base 2" X 3.5" and the height is approximately 3"-4". The thing to keep in mind while making this bag is that the perimeter of your base should be less than the width of the patterned paper available to you. In my case, the largest size paper I had was 12 X 12. So the width here is 12. Now the first time I created a base of 3" X 4". The perimeter (sum of all sides) in this case is equal to (2X3 + 2X4 = ) 14. So I couldn't wrap around the PP if I chose to go with that base. Hence I changed the base to a smaller size.

Isn't it very cute?!?! Would make a perfect party favor or a treat bag for a kid!


1 comment:

malieta said...

Your little bag is adorable and the paper rocks Smriti!