May 3, 2010

April Goals

Here’s my update on my monthly goals!

  1. Make at least 2 cards/papercraft project every week. Made 7 cards totally and 10 gift card holders so that easily overshoots my monthly goal of 8 cards/projects. And a big round of applause goes to my dear hubby who helped me make the 10 gift card holders. He punched all the flowers for them and glued the dew drops. Wait till you see the photos to realize just how MANY flowers we’re talking about here?!?! smiley
  2. Participate in 1 challenge every week. Participated in one challenge less because I made 10 gift card holders and that was much involved. smiley
  3. I haven’t yet started my sewing project – what with the work on the house going on and me falling sick the last week.

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