August 9, 2010


LA = Leave of Absence :). I’ve been on a long leave of absence – all related to our moving into out first house! First buying the house and then settling down – together they make a long winding process :). Now that we’re quite settled, I’m back in business. I have my very own table for crafting – can you believe that?!?! And the cherry topping are the Alex drawers from IKEA! We bought two of them and I thought I was planning for the future. Who was I kidding?!?! They’re already full! Well that takes care of not buying too much of stuff!

Though I’ve been missing from the blog world, I haven’t been completely out of crafting. A few months back I made these gift card holders for an acquaintance. There were 10 of them so I decided to make a little purse to put them in. Don’t they look cute?!?! She was very happy when she saw them!

Did I tell you that I incorporated DH’s help to do these? He’s so cute – he punched all the flowers for me. There are around 24 punched flowers and 10 of these cards which makes 240 punches. He did every one of them! A big thank you to him :-) Oh and we also broke my old punch in the process. So we had to buy a new one in haste. My old one was a McGill Daisy Stacking punch and though the punched flower was beautiful, the punch itself wasn’t great. The new one – a marvy uchida I think – is just the opposite. I like it’s buttery smooth punching more than the flower! Oh well what can you do…

The ribbon used on the bag is a recycled one – I lifted it from a packing we received some time back. The leaves are hand-drawn.



Supplies: DCWV cardstock, stacking daisy punch, dew drops look-alike, white gel pen.

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