December 20, 2010

Craft fair tips

We learnt a lot during the craft fairs and here’s a summary. It doesn’t include the basics like pack pens, markers, table, etc

  1. Get bed risers. They really raise the height of the table and make it so convenient to browse the table. When I would pack up at the end of the day, it was then I would realize how low the table actually was.
  2. It you’re using the bed risers, don’t use any props that raise the height all the more. It makes it inconvenient for customers to browse the items.
  3. Your table should’ve a clean look, like when your house does after a vacuum. So that people don’t get overwhelmed.
  4. Control the variety of items you have. Again to not overwhelm the customer. I think I had too many. Instead of that I think there should be more variety of each type. Also makes it easier for you to organize your table.
  5. Myth: use black colored tablecloth. Before my first fair I too was of that opinion and got a dark blue table cloth. Though I’m very happy of my choice I realized that was not the rule. Each had their own and as long as you knew how to display it worked. For example, one lady a green table cloth and a white round one on top of it. That looked quite pretty. So arrange your items and then see what all colors can work for you. Maybe you could use a sheet from your closet rather than buying one.
  6. A full flat sheet works well with the standard table and bed risers.
  7. Keep some of the most attractive items of yours on the ends of the tables. When people start looking from an end they should be drawn to it.
  8. It’s nice to have each item packed and marked with price. Most of my stuff was packed in clear bags and had a price sticker. That made transporting as well as billing easy.
  9. If all your items are packed, then have a sampler too or one of the items unpacked so that people can open it (if it opens). In my experience people didn’t mind buying the opened item.

I think that’s all I can remember for now Smile.

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