December 14, 2010

What to make for craft fairs

This is more specific for the type of craft I do which is stamping and paper crafting. Being my first year of fairs there were so many things I wanted to make not to up the  variety but because I just wanted to make them! Oh and there were some that I got tempted to make because people said they were hot sellers in their area. There were a lot of first-timers for me, there were some I enjoyed making and some I didn’t. Then there were some hot sellers and some that weren’t. So here I compile a list of what I would make again and why:

  1. Turkey place card holders – Loved to make them, was sold out and had LOTS of people comment on them. Most of them found them cute and many thought they could do this at home (as is true always!); but the bottom line is they sold out. So yes I would make them again – maybe in the same design or maybe something new that I can come up with. Sold them 4/$2.
  2. Cocoa packets – Fun to make and very popular! These were pouches for Swiss Miss cocoa packets with a poem on the outside and a ribbon to pull out. Their price point @ $1.25 each could have a lot to do with their popularity. Yes would definitely make them again and could try some different stuff with it too. Also need to make them more the next time.
  3. Hershey Chocolate bars – Fun to make and sold well. They were similar to the cocoa packets in concept, just that the poem was different. I found them a little expensive at $2.50 but couldn’t afford to sell them for less. I wish I could find a cheaper source for them. Yes I would make them next time; I also want to try out the Santa versions of this.
  4. Starbucks Via Coffee packs – Loved to make them and sold a little more than half of what I’d made. Loved to make them especially because it was completely my idea right from using the coffee packs to designing the box and I also wrote a special poem for it. Sold them for $5 for a pack of 3-cups of coffee. Will surely make them again!
  5. Snowman Kisses (tic tac) – Fun to make and sold out! These were tic tacs dressed up with a poem on Snowman Kisses. They were adored by one and all. They’re a definite yes for next time. They were $2.50 each.
  6. Holiday Greeting cards – Love to make them and sold well. Again their price point @$1.25 might have a lot to do with their popularity. I would like to make them again but I felt incomplete having only a few cards on the table. Cards have been my mainstay all through this hobby and at the fairs they were the least represented Confused smile. The problem is making cards takes a lot of time, so they can’t be easily produced in large quantities. Maybe next time I’ll try to do sets of holiday cards. And some singles too. So that’s a yes.
  7. Thank you card sets and/or notecard sets – Something that I didn’t have and I think it would’ve been nice to have especially for the fairs before Thanksgiving. And this is something I can start early in the year. Don’t really need to wait for the last quarter.
  8. Mini composition books with pen – Loved to make them and sold well! Yes making them again. I noticed that people like pretty colors, the dull colors were not picked. They were priced at $3.50.
  9. Post-it note holders with mini pen – Loved to make them and sold well! Surely making them again. Though undecided whether I should make the same types again or try the acrylic post-it note holders. That’s what happens with good sellers – you don’t want to risk changing them Smile. Sold at $2.75.
  10. Altered Frappuccino bottles with hugs and kisses – Loved to make them and sold half of them. Maybe next time I could make some in Fall theme too. Sold at $3.75. Yes.
  11. Purse gift card holders – Loved to make and sold out! Even though there are a couple of purse holder designs out there this was totally my original. My DH simply loved it! A big YES! I wonder if the same design would be popular next year too or would people want something new?!?! Sold for $1.50.
  12. Flower pot gift card holders – Fun to make and sold well. This is a totally unique design, all credit for which goes to yours truly Smile. Yes. Sold at $2.25.
  13. Rectangle gift card holders (sorry have no better name to describe it Embarrassed smile)– Fun to make and sold out! Yes making them again. sold at $1.
  14. Bookmarks – Fun to make and sold well. This is something I personally relate to a lot being an avid reader. So yes I’m going to make them again. Sold at $1.
  15. Decorative lunch bags – Fun to make and sold well. Again it was my idea Smile so yes making them again next time! I took some white treat bags from Michael and decorated them so that people could use them to gift home made treats. I personally believe they’re very useful! Will make some fall/thansgiving themed ones too for the fairs before thanksgiving. Sold at $1.
  16. Ornament gift card holders – Loved to make them and sold well. It’s a little difficult to design and fit the gift card so maybe not making them next year.
  17. Altered clipboards – Loved to make them but didn’t sell well. They looked so nice and were so reasonable. Dunno why people wouldn’t buy them!! Maybe not making them next year.
  18. Holiday candles – Had a blast making them but didn’t sell well Sad smile It was so much fun making these especially since I was doing this for the first time. Not sure why they didn’t sell well. They looked so cute! One of our conclusions is you should only sell what you buy and we don’t buy candles. No. Sold at $3.50.
  19. Magnetic memo boards – Nice to make and sold less than half. Definitely not making them next year. I liked making them but not as much as other things. So it’s a win-win situation to not make them again next year Smile. Sold at $3.75.
  20. Stamped onesies – Fun making them but didn’t sell at all Sad smile Again they looked sooooo cute packed up and lots of people would look at them and say it would be a wonderful gift for someone with baby; but nobody bought them. Not making them again.
  21. Binder Clip Photo Holders – Nice to make and sold well. Not making them again as I didn’t enjoy making them so much. Sold at $1.
  22. Tile Coasters – No fun to make and didn’t sell. Nope. Period.

Wow! Can’t believe I made 22 different items!! And not to forget there were multiples of each. Of course I need to acknowledge DH’s help here. He helped with a lot of cutting and punching. And of course there’s the indirect help where he too care of a lot of things so that I got more time to make this stuff.

Next time maybe I could employ my Cricut. Oh haven’t I told you about it?!?! Ok Smile then let me post a picture of it tomorrow.

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