August 22, 2012

Ruffle bag/tote

I wanted to make something for my friend’s 5-year old when I came across this pretty bag. It just so happened that I’d the required and so I got working!


It was pretty straightforward to make this except a few things:

  1. The way to attach handles is different from what I see usually. Not only did I have trouble sewing so many layers but also the way the handle stands up is not how I would like it to. If I were to make this bag again then I would simply sandwich the bag between the outer fabric and the inner lining and stitch it through.
  2. Per the tutorial, when stitching the bottom, you stitch the outer fabric and the lining together. Again this is different than what I’ve usually seen. It could be for ease and simplicity but the next time I would stitch them separately. As a beginner it was hard for me to align the inner and outer layer together.

Above are just minor things which would make a difference for an adult but I think wouldn’t be so noticeable by a kid. I added the ruffles only on the front side since that was all the fabric I had. Each ruffle fabric was around 44” in length and as you can see it ruffled up pretty well. The outer fabric is home decorator fabric, the ruffles are quilting/regular cotton and the lining is also I believe regular cotton.

I hope the kiddo likes it!

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