December 7, 2012

Craft fair: Snowman Popcorn Wrapper

I made these snowman popcorn wrappers for my craft fairs! There were a lot of fun to make and so I decided to do a step-by-step tutorial.

1. Take a piece of fleece 9.5" X 7". Fold on the long side, with right sides together. So that the resulting rectangle is 4.5" X 7". Stitch with a 1/4" seam allowance on the longer edge. 

2. Turn the tube inside out so that the stitching is now on the inside.
3. Fold around 1/2" on one side to form a cuff.
4. Fold again.
5. Make a fringe on the other side. The depth of the fringe is around 1"-1.5"
6. Pull the tube over the popcorn pack, with the cuff side on the popcorn pack.
7. Tie the fringe together - I used a small piece of flower stem wire, around 4" in length and wrapped it around the fringe.

Take a piece of fleece 16" X 3/4". Make a fringe on both the short ends.

Trim cardstock to 7" X 11".
If you want a color printout, then use this image. For a black and white version, download this image
Open a Word document and insert the downloaded image. Resize and position it. Print it out on a copier paper first to see if the size and position are correct. I finally printed them on 65# coredindations white cardstock available at Joann. It was perfect - not too thin and not too thick; and it had a nice smooth finish! I used a b&w printout and colored the cheeks using watercoloring with Distress Ink Spun Sugar and the nose with a orange sharpie.

After coloring, wrap the cardstock around the popcorn and glue. I also glued the bottom of the cardstock together. If you have a crimper it, you can crimp the bottom after gluing.

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