May 18, 2018

Pattern review: Burda Style 6401


Here’s my dress:

40364533410_7f5e41d145_o (2)

The dress came out very much to my liking! Unfortunately I couldn’t get as good a photo of it. It was just what I wanted. The fabric was perfect – light and soft with a really nice print and color. The dress was simple, one-layered and hassle-free. Exactly the things I was looking for.

The fabric I used is Robert Kaufmann’s Millefiore Tomato. It’s slightly lighter than regular quilting weight cotton.

This is the first time I was using a Burda pattern and I’m a fan now! What I liked so much about this pattern company:

  1. There is no wastage of paper. They try to optimize every inch of paper.
  2. Instructions were so straightforward and intuitive. Most of the times, what I was thinking on how it should be done is how it would be done. With Simplicity and McCall I always notice that they do things in a more complicated fashion.

Starting with my last couple of dresses I’ve been paying more and more attention on doing things the right way no matter how many times I’ve to rip apart the seams. So I read the instructions carefully and do all the due diligence. I think that is also helping. Well also the fact that it is supposed to be an “easy” pattern Smile

I’m also glad that I used my judgement with this dress. With my last one I realized that I didn’t need a zipper because I was able to pullover the dress without the zipper, So with this one, I decided to baste it without zipper and then try it on. Since I was able to pull this over as well, I skipper the zipper. This made it super easy from easy Smile Also, I love pullover dresses so it made me like it all the more! The other thing I did was to use mny sewing machine to stitch the hem rather than doing it by hand. I feel it didn’t make any difference and saved me so much time!

This is not a fitted dress – so if you’re looking for something that fits your form this is not it. This is your dress for those days when you’re looking for something easy to get into, that is comfortable and (with the print I chose) very cheerful!

You can see from my description I’m one happy camper after making this dress Smile

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