May 25, 2018

Pattern review: Simplicity Project Runway 2848

2848 (1)

As I’ve already mentioned here I have hoarded this pattern for a long time. Like a really long time. Think years. There was a time when just like people get tempted by fabrics, I would get tempted by patterns. Ooh this dress would look so nice, let me buy this pattern. It’s only a $1. I’ll have the dress ready soon (yeah right!). Fast forward a few years. The dream did come true! I do have a dress made from that pattern Smile and I love how it looks! You can see it in the picture below. No I did not stitch the shirt, that is ready made. Very happy that I could find just the right shirt for it.


The pattern was on the simpler side. Not too may pieces to sew. It has pockets too and there is a side zipper. What I realized is that I could have avoided the zipper (and all t he time it took) because I can basically pullover this dress. The fabric is a linen blend that I bought from a local store - Pacific Fabrics; so it’s a little on the stiffer side. When reading the pattern I felt that such a fabric would be better suited than a regular cotton and I’m glad I went with that. The dress hits about an inch above the knee. Overall quite satisfied with the pattern. Not as easy as the Burda one but still not bad.

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