October 14, 2007

B'day card

I finally exchanged my unbranded cardstock for a DCWV fall cardstock and hence the gap in posting. Using Di Hickman's sketch, I created this card.

It didn't come out to be what I had expected it to be but I think I'll get there with some practice. I'm still learning the skills of layering card stock, that's totally new to me. As a child, when I used to make cards, I used only 3 things: card paper, fine black pen for outlining and sketch pens.
The idea of using punch-outs for creating the bouquet was derived from one of Stamper Gail's card. Of course, it didn't turn out as good as it's motivator. I'm happy about the knot, it looks good for a first attempt.


malieta said...

Very nice card, you will get the hang of laying with practice. I think your card turned out great!

Smriti said...

Thanks for the encouragement Malieta!