October 15, 2007


I've compiled a list of things that I intend to buy in the next few months. If you have any suggestions regarding what brand to buy, which store/site to look at or anything else with respect to these things please leave a comment. When I embarked on this hobby, I guess I didn't do much research before buying my supplies so for the next set of supplies I decided to prioritize them and ensure that I get the right thing.

I've updated the post with the suggestions by various experienced people, these are in italics.
  1. Black ink pad: I have a mini one right now but I think I would need a bigger one with permanent ink. Eg. Stazon, Pallette Noir Black
  2. Gamsol Odorless Mineral Spirit. Eg. Monalisa OMS available at Michaels
  3. Blending stumps. Must be made in taiwan.
  4. Some generic figure stamps: I saw this "Just for fun" stamp set by Stampin Up! and looks like that might fit my requirements.
  5. Circle cutter: I'm not sure what's the pros and con of a circle cutter w.r.t a circle punch. I'm thinking it would be better to buy a cutter as a single instrument can give me circles of multiple sizes. Eg. Coluzzle Cutting system available at SU and Michaels.
  6. Color ink pad. SU! Classic Inks
  7. Scallop and other shape scissors.
  8. Stamps for borders
  9. Mounting tape
  10. Paper trimmer. TONIC paper trimmer, paper cutter
  11. Stamps for expressions like "Happy B'day" etc. Or maybe I should get some alphabet stencils. That could serve the same purpose.


Donna said...

here are myu suggestions

Black ink pad: a permanent hybrid such as Palette Noir Black (you can get from www.eclecticpaperie.com

Blending stumps - only buy those made in Taiwan, best quality

Color ink pad. SU! Classic inks for fast drying is my preference

Paper trimmer TONIC paper trimmers are the best buy (I got a 12" with 6" base for my larger cuts and a mini guillotine for smaller cuts like layers - best price and shipping is only $5.99

Stamps for expressions like "Happy B'day" etc. Or maybe I should get some alphabet stencils. That could serve the same purpose. I recommend Papertray and/or Faux Ribbon by www.papertreyink.com

Hope that helps!

Jan Scholl said...

Gamsol is the brand name for Odorless mineral spirits and is hard to find. I use MOna Lisa Odorless mineral spirits which is available at Micheals. Usually on the bottom shelf. also you can get it at HObby Lobby. One bottle will last forever or you can share. Use your newspaper coupon for it!

Smriti said...

Donna, thanks so much for providing such detailed information. I'll definitely keep in mind your suggestions when I buy this stuff. BTW would you be knowing what's the difference between circle cutter and a circle punch?

Jan, that's a very useful piece of information as Michaels is one of the stores I frequent (Hobby Lobby is not there in San Diego). I'd tried searching on the internet but never found any brand name other than Gamsol.

malieta said...

These two ladies summed everything up for me, most of the things Donna and Jan listed are the products that I use too!

Dawn Mercedes said...

Why don't you just come visit me and we'll go shopping! Your list isn't long enough!!

Maria said...

For circles I think you should purchase the Coluzzle cutting system if you don't want to purchase a whole bunch of punches.

SU sells the Coluzzle cutting system as well as Michaels.

I like SU Classic Ink pads. . .they're great. As for the black ink, Stazon is great - it doesn't run when you watercolor.

I have a regular paper cutter. . .the type with the handle. . .not the slider type. They cut way better!


Smriti said...

Dawn, LOL...thanks for the invite :)

Maria, thank you so much for the suggestions. Yes the Coluzzle cutting system sounds good.