September 5, 2008

A diversion

This is a diversion from my paper crafts to the world of beading! I read this idea on a thread @ SCS and was so fascinated by it that I HAD to try it. True to my imagination, it was very pleasing! If you're wondering what it is - it's a book thong (a type of bookmark). You can find the instructions here.


The thread does have signs of curling; that's because I bought a hemp and found it to be too thick so I unwound it into 3 individual threads.

Supplies: Acrylic beads, spacer beads, hemp, charm


Annapurna said...

Very cute! It is better for us to be doing something other than paper crafting once in a while.

Wonder if Tim will use it if I make one and give it to him. Right now he uses a expired credit card for a book mark :-)

malieta said...

Very cute and I think the beads are fantastic! I have to tell you that you made me laugh "book thongs" LOL
I never heard it put that way before.

Have a wonderful weekend Smriti and keep up the great work!

Tejal said...

Book thong? Never heard of that mind just went somewhere else...

Pretty cute stuff...

Jami said...

What a neat idea. I love beads!! I've often thought of getting into it, but seeing what an addiction my stamping has been, I'm a little scared that my pocketbook can't handle beads too!! I look forward to seeing what you create next!
smiles, Jami