January 31, 2011

Bumble bee and lady bug bags


Bag: The bag is 4” H X 3” W X 1” D in size. To make the bag

  1. I took a piece of yellow CS 8.5 X 5. Score along the longer side at 3", 4", 7" and 8".
  2. Score the short side at 1". This will be the bottom of the box and make a 1" cut at the score marks above so that you can fold the flaps later to make the bottom.

Black stripes: A piece of black CS 3" X 0.5" and 1 piece 3" X 1.5".

Wings: Cut two scalloped hearts at 2" and two plain hearts at 1.75". Mat the plain hearts with the scalloped hearts.

Eyes: I used the smallest nestabilities oval to make the white portion of the eye and the bigger hole in crop-a-dile to make the black portion of the eye.

Antennae: I used a thin strip of black cardstock 1.5” long and a circle punched using crop-a-dile.

Glue all these parts to one of the 3"X4" faces of the yellow CS. Punch a hole each on the 1 X 3” sides of the box. Thread a ribbon through it – I took a ribbon 10” long and tied a knot on each side after threading the ribbon. Now assemble the box. Use double sided tape to glue the sides of the box and then the bottom.


Bag: This bag is 3”H X 2”W X 1”D in size. Take a piece of red CS 7” X 4”. Score the longer side at 2”, 3”, 5”, 6”. Score the shorter side at 1”. Follow the rest of the instructions as above.

Wings: Scalloped heart is cut at 1.75 inches and plain heart at 1.5”.

Eyes: Same as bumble bee.


Tejal said...

So cute and adorable. Love those..the googly eyes just melt my heart!

p.s I've left a little something for you on my blog..do hop over..

Deanna Dunn said...

Smriti these little boxes are just too cute. I want to thank you for all your help sending me the instructions. again thank you


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